How To Make Apple Cider

How We Make Our Cider

The County Cider Company is an artisanal cider producer—our ciders are made with 100% pure apple juice from locally sourced apples. And while making cider is a year-round process, it essentially begins in autumn, once the apples have achieved the perfect balance of natural sugars and acids.


Made with a different select blend of apples, our flagship products, County Premium Cider and Waupoos Premium Cider, are created in much the same way:

Apples are hand picked and carefully sorted—damaged or rotten fruit is removed. The remaining fruit is then stored for three to four weeks. During this period, starch is converted to sugar and flavours become naturally concentrated as the apples slowly lose some of their moisture through evaporation. Afterwards, the apples are lightly scrubbed in jen from county ciderorder to remove dirt, but not precious wild yeasts, before being milled and pressed.

In order to marry the distinct flavours of each apple variety, juice is blended before fermentation. Afterwards, it is transferred to large tanks where it ferments very slowly over a period of many months. Cidermaster Grant Howes explains: "A slow fermentation results in ciders that are rich in aroma and flavour. Speeding up the process would only strip away the qualities that make our ciders special—you can't rush great cider. "

Eventually the cider is racked in order to separate it from the lees, the sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the tanks. Finally it is carbonated, bottled and, best of all, ready to drink.


Our most exclusive product, Prince Edward County Ice Cider is crafted from Russet, Ida Red and Northern Spy apples—varieties that do no fall when ripe, but remain on the tree through freezing temperatures.waupoos ice cider

Like grapes used to make icewine, it is this exposure to extreme conditions that causes the natural sugars within the fruit to increase and become concentrated. Hand-harvested in sub-zero conditions, the apples are pressed and the resulting nectar is fermented for about nine months. The result is an ambrosial beverage prized for its perfect balance of sweet and tart.

To learn more about County Cider Co. and how to make apple cider, products check out our product listings.

 Video by our friend Paul Lewellyn/Jackson Falls Country Inn

Our Apples

  • Brown Snout
    Hertfordshire, UK, 1850 brownish green, firm and small sweet, astringent main use is for cider...
  • Cortland
    Geneva NY, 1915 red bluish skin, medium to large and firm sweet and aromatic with moderate acidity used for culinary baking and...
  • Northern Spy
    New York, 1840 greenish yellow, large and somewhat tender with a pinkish red flush sprightly, sharp, aromatic, mild and tart main uses...
  • Ida Red
    Moscow, Idaho, 1942 bright red over yellow, large and firm acidic, tangy, slightly sweet used for cooking, desserts and for juice...
  • Michelin
    Yvetot, France, 1872 yellowish green and medium size bittersweet and astringent  used in juices and cider...
  • Kingston Black
    Somerset, UK, 19th Century dark red bittersweet used for juice and cider...


Group Tastings

No tour of Prince Edward County would be complete without a visit to the County Cider Company. Offering educational tastings and an unparalleled vista of some of the most scenic landscape in the region, the County Cider Company is a must-see destination.

Bus tour groups are welcome. Our tasting fees are $5.00 per person for your tutored tasting of 4 ciders including a history of the area.
Groups, please indicate numbers and time of booking. We are unable to accomodate tours between 11am and 4pm on weekends. To reserve a booking, contact our retail store at 613-476-1022 or complete our Contact form