County Cider | Our Story

County Cider | Our Story

Family owned and operated, The County Cider Company & Estate Winery is renowned for its hard cider. The cidery is located in Prince Edward County in Southeastern Ontario, overlooking scenic Lake Ontario in Waupoos. Open seasonally from May through November, visitors come from near and far to visit the tasting room and retail store, and even stop for a pint and a bite on our patio.

Each hard cider is made with 100% pure apple juice from estate grown apples, as well as apples from other Prince Edward County orchards. Many of our products can be found at restaurants and bars throughout Ontario, as well as in the LCBO.

County Cider CompanyThe County Cider Company’s family owned orchards have been growing apples since 1850. Growing over 15 varieties of apples between the two orchards, the County Cider Company’s ciders are crafted with unparalleled tannins and acidity. The orchards consist of over 50 acres, which feature 40 acres to apple trees and 12 acres to grapes.

Overlooking Lake Ontario has its advantages. Not only do visitors get a million-dollar-view, but the lake provides a moderating effect on the climate. This in combination with fertile soil, creates the perfect condition for cultivating fruits of distinct flavour and quality. Carefully nurturing the orchards from season to season, the County Cider Company takes full advantage of the region’s unparalleled agricultural assets. This is how the County Cider Company is able to produce approximately 1,600 tonnes of apples each year.

Proudly offering a wide array of ciders, including the renowned Waupoos Premium Cider, County Cider, Peach Cider, Feral Cider, Pear Cider, Blood Orange Cider, Tortured Path Apple Cider, Ice Cider and Non-Alcoholic Cider, the team at the County Cider Company invites you to join us in the tasting room and retail store to experience the beauty in locally crafted hard cider.

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